Village Polytechnics

A Progressive Movement  

Vidnyan parishad (Goa) team visited Bhandari High School, Malvan city

Balam sir (Sub-teacher) & IBT instructor (Engi)          Ms.Swati Hadge & Ms.Puspalata IBT instructor (H&H)

Presentation on diverse experiences of Instructor who have skills and subject teacher of Maths/Science who are coordinators in IBT

Other Outputs

#Rs. 16,390/- fees were collected from the parents for the education based on these practically useful skills.


#For the skill development in the students various, various practicals  were performed through experience and learning.  Rs. 7100 was collected through public service and this was a very good example in education. Due to the same values like work culture and respect for labour increased in the school.  The school became as good as a production unit through the work of the students and the directors.


#Teaching the students various skills through four trades did not remain restricted to the syllabus. It also developed the skills in Instructors professionally.


#We tried to take technology to the various far off villages through this courses based on multi purpose skills. Rural Technologies were also included in the Instructors workshop. For example Solar dryer, Coconut peeling machine, briquette machine, production of panchagavya for organic farming, soil testing etc which are suitable for the climate in Konkan.


#For the sake of environment and Tourism projects like Nirmallya nirmulan and beech installation on the coast were undertaken by the students. Students and Instructors learned to make bread pudding, naan khatai, cake, adulsa kalp in the Home & Health department


#Project like planting of teak saplings was undertaken in partnership with the forest department. Forest department gave teak seeds, fertilizers and various materials worth Rs. 11,000/- to the school. Out of this material saplings will be made and sold at Rs. 10/- to Rs. 12/- to repay the amount of Rs. 11,000/- to the forest department and also the profit will be deposited in the school account.