Village Polytechnics

A Progressive Movement  

Instructors in this project are practicing tradesmen.


Below mentioned are the experiences while working as an Instructor in Bhandari higher secondary school (Malvan city) & Shree Shanta Durga high school (Vadacha pat village)


Changes in me while working as an Instructor………


#Suhas Anant Chawan (Energy & Environment Instructor. Age: 24):"There was a noticeable change in me when I started working as an Instructor....It was the realization that I had the skill but I had never shared with others before. My attitude was - whatever I had should remain with me. That attitude has now completely changed. It took some time to happen as I was not used to it. Now I have become a better teacher. I had never thought that I will become a teacher ever. But because of this project I have got this opportunity to teach."

"If I had to work as an instructor then I will have to teach the students. For that one needs to be proper and disciplined. If a teacher is disciplined then only students are disciplined. And because of that there was a remarkable change in me. Job Satisfaction for me is to get the job done properly. Now I teach students and when they learn properly I feel happy about it. I am used to electrical wiring but I don't have any electronic skills. Syamantak workshop helped a lot in my improvement. Since I have started teaching in the school I have also realized the importance of time. I have to be on time in the school. If I don't reach on time the students won't be on time.  Knowingly – unknowingly I learnt one more important thing during this project that is commitment. I am very punctual with my clients. So the number of my clients has increased. Working as an Instructor I reach out to at least forty households. Later we get the orders from those students households."


#Mrs. Kalpana Kishor Palav (Hone & Health Instructor. Age: 29):"I used to be scared just by thinking about going to a school. Whenever I used to go to the school to drop my children used to think that none of the teachers should see me, and used to run back home as soon as possible. That fear now has completely gone. When I was told that I will have to teach in the school was so scared that I had fever because of that. But now I can make a presentation in front of the Principal or others. I teach in a school and because of that my self-confidence increased in teaching them. My previous routine at home was to cook and do other household work. But now I also study at home. I first try out the recipe at home before preparing it at the school.  Important aspect in Home Health/ Hygiene department (Domestic Health Department) is the costing. The cost has to be estimated before every food item is prepared. I use the same practice at home also. Before preparing any new food item at home I estimate its costing first."


#Mr. Kishor Palav (Instructor for Engineering-workshop. Age - 36):"I am working as a Peon in a school. Now I am not only a peon but a teacher also. Due to that the attitude towards me of all other teachers has changed. For example, Students and other teachers used to call me singularly by my first name. But now they address me respectfully. I got respectability in the school and society because of this project. Though I have lots of skills in me but they have been practically acquired without learning the theory behind it.  But I.B.T gives equal importance to both.  So I have started studying the theory at home.I used to just carry notices to the class rooms to hand over to the teachers. But now I don’t carry just the note book to the class rooms but go there as a teacher. And that is a very important aspect in my life."


#Pushpalata Gavde (Instructor for Home and Health. Age -20): Ravina Bandal, a student, taught her elder brother how to make bread pudding, which she has learnt in the school. Her brother works in a hotel in Malvan. He made that bread Pudding in the hotel and the owner of the hotel liked it and offered the same dish to his customers. The tourists from abroad who ate it liked it very much.

#Mr. Narayan Ramchandra Pawar (Instructor for Agriculture. Age -50):“The most important change in while working as an Instructor was the changed attitude of my children towards me. I was just a peon in the school now I am a instructor. I am also a farmer. Whatever little farming I used to was in a conventional way of farming. But at through this educational project I learned new ways of farming and I am able to do organic farming. There was change in my way of farming and it increased my income. My language was not proper earlier but now it has become proper language. My interaction with other people has increased. To answer students question I have to collect more information on farming”.

#Mr. Tivle Sir (Class Teacher for STD 8th & Maths Teacher): Within a year these students have been developed educationally. The students who we teacher used to call as "gone case" those have been changed tremendously. Those students who where back benchers and never used to speak, not even on asking any questions, have now started trying to answer the questions. Those who have acquired skills  have developed more self-confidence than the other students. As these students have done everything practically (with their own hands) they learn science and math easily and fast.  That is the reason they are ahead in their syllabus compared to other classes. Earlier, Maths, Geometry, Graph, Drawing were not there favorite subjects but now those are the subjects which are becoming favorite amongst them. This reflects in their marks in the  last years final exams.


#Mr. Khot Sir (Math and Science Teacher): Students are happy on the days of I.B.T classes. Those students who were interested doing such things, but there was no opportunity in there schools or at homes, have got the chance to do things with there own hands through I.B.T. they have got a platform to develop there hidden talents. The students perform the practical / demonstration at home which they have learnt in the school. Some times a food item prepared at home is brought to school. The food items prepared by the students are so good that they are as good as any food item prepared by the elders / adults.

#Mr. Kubal Sir (Class Teacher for STD 8th & Maths & Science Teacher): There is a big change in these students as they have learnt various skills, and they seem to be different than others.

#Mr. Mukund Kasale (Parent.): My son Harshad earlier used to watch any serials on the television but now he watches Farming related programmes on TV.