Village Polytechnics

A Progressive Movement  

*What is the meaning of Polytechnics?
The term polytechnic comes from the Greek word meaning many and tekhnik├│s meaning arts.

About the project

The Introduction to Basic Technology curriculum was formulated by scientist turned educationist Dr. S.S.Kalbag. Syamantak initiated I.B.T. curriculum under Village Polytechnics project in eight schools in the region of Konkan (Ratnagiri & Sindhudurg). This program is offered to the students of 8th , 9th and 10th std. along with other subjects. It is recognized by education board of Maharashtra & student can take this as subject for 10th Std. board examination. One day per week is allocated for this program.It is formulated with the following objectives:

1. Integration of education with development.                                                                   

2. To stimulate the intellect through physical activities.

3. To broaden the horizon of experience of the students.

4. To reverse the rural to urban migration.

5. To give a multi skill base for specialization.

The basic philosophy behind the program is segregation of intellectual and physical pursuits in different strata of society retards progress in this modern scientific and technological age. One way to overcome this is to integrate education and development. It is expected that this will make learning easier and better, because it is based on practical real life situations. It will also increase awareness of the local problems among the students and therefore be a preparation for the future. Integration will benefit both education and development economically as well, by fuller utilization of the infrastructure provided for this program.

Students of 'Syamantak' initiated this program in below mentioned schools

V.N.Nabar Memorial English Medium School  Banda  Sawantwadi
Narmadabai Anant Shivaji Desai Vidyalay Walaaval Kudal
Shankar Mahadev Vidyalay Kumbhavde Kankavali
Bhandari High School Malvan city Malvan 
Shree Shanta Durga High School Vadacha pat Malvan 
Sarambal English Medium School Sarambal Kudal
Madhyamik Vidyamandir Vadad Hasol Rajapur
Ashram Shala Kuve Lanja